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About the Sanctuary

The Australian Native Dog Conservation Society (ANDCS), was formed in October 1976 by Berenice Walters (pictured below) to promote a better understanding and knowledge of Australia’s Native Dog, the Dingo.

Berenice came to an Obedience Club hosted by our now ANDCS President, Lucille Ellem and brought her Dingo to be trained. 

At the time I was Chief Instructor, and Berenice called her dingo a cross Kelpie because in those days you were not allowed to own one. We got on really well, I went to her property in Bargo and met up with all the dingoes and became committee members. I did some training with the other dingoes and stayed with the ANDCS with the hope of breeding them, and to have them recognised as an Australian Native.
… Luci

Berenice has since passed. Her legacy continues through various blogs and pages dedicated to her memory, and through the Sanctuary here.

Berenice Walters – founder member ANDCS

Today the Australian Native Dog Conservation Society, also known as Dingo Sanctuary Bargo, is a public company and registered charity with a network of members and supporters. Our primary function is providing an educational experience to our visitors.

Love ’em or hate ’em, most people have an interest in dogs one way or another! At the Dingo Sanctuary, set in magical, open woodland-style, Australian native plant gardens, visitors are accompanied around the facility for hands-on introduction to the Dingoes by knowledgeable volunteers. The first thing which strikes many is the peace and calm. There are no jostling crowds.

There is almost complete absence of noise from the 32 canine residents. Usually birds, and the gentle rustling of leaves in the trees soaring above, are all that is heard in the background as each Dingo is introduced with humorous anecdotes, illustrating aspects of their ecology and biology. There is no set commentary – visitors are encouraged to ask questions, and dialogue can range over a diversity of canine-related topics.

We are situated at Bargo in the Wollondilly Shire on the south western outskirts of Sydney.

Here visitors are able to meet and learn about dingoes in a semi-natural setting. A volunteer accompanies visitors, giving them a guided tour and answering questions. Video presentations are available on request.

Lucille Ellem – founder member ANDCS

Meet the board

Meet the people who work tirelessly to keep the sanctuary open and the dingoes happy and healthy.

Lucille Ellem – President (ANDCS)

Luci together with Berenice founded the Australian Native Dog Conservation Society (ANDCS) over 48 years ago. She is a professional dog trainer, a registered obedience dog judge, and Councillor of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW. She holds a Certificate III in Captive Animals. Her passion for the Native Australian dog started after training a dingo owned by Berenice. It was supposed to be a ‘Kelpie cross’. Luci has spent many years studying the Dingo.

Rebecca Bancroft – Vice President

Rebecca has been volunteering at the sanctuary for over 10 years. Rebecca gives up almost all of her free time to look after the dingoes with Luci. “I’ve been involved with animals all my life specifically dogs, in the conformation show ring and obedience. I’m a teacher weekdays and the highlight for me is weekends when I can spend time with Luci. I’m was lucky enough to sponsor my favourite dingo Tyipa who I have been involved with since his birth. The Sanctuary is an awesome place and it’s a privilege to be involved”.

Guy Pidding – Secretary

Guy has been involved with the Sanctuary for around 10 years and helps with the maintenance of the enclosures. He is a great ambassador for the dingoes, trains the dingo pups in the education puppy classes. He is always there when you need him! He is popular with the visitors with his rapport and knowledge of each Dingo. Our visitors love him!

Carol Domsalla – Board Member

Carol has been an animal lover since childhood and is right at home with the dingoes. We can’t thank her enough for the work she does to keep the everything at the sanctuary running smoothly. “I have been involved in the dog world for over 35 years in obedience, and successfully showing in conformation and agility. The dingoes are such an amazing animal, so intelligent and individual”. Carol is an Obedience Dog Instructor and a registered breeder of Border Collies

Stephen Kitchin – Board Member

Stephen has volunteered his time selflessly with the sanctuary for over 7 years. “I’ve lived with dogs big and small. I believe the native dingo is a special breed worth preserving as a part of our indigenous history”.

Keith Annis – Board Member

Planning a visit?

Our Sanctuary is open 4 days a week and our visiting times are 10am – 2pm (Closed Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays)

Please use our Entry Ticket to make a booking and pay using your preferred way.

We welcome larger tour groups any day of the week. Just make sure you let us know in advance so we can organise extra volunteers.