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Green Wattle Creek Fires ravages the Dingo Sanctuary

19 December 2019 | Kristy-lea Cregan

I remember seeing this helicopter and feeling instant dread, I remember the way my heart raced from fear, I remember the way I started trying to think of all the ways we could keep the dingoes safe.

I remember sitting at the table and breaking down from stress and anxiety because I didn’t know what to do.

But most of all? I remember the absolute helpless feeling I had when time was not on our side, when the fire was faster than those coming to get all the animals out. When we had to grab those we could and go.

I remember the drive home, crying and panicking and struggling to breathe because I thought the worst had happened, because the roads were closed, preventing anyone from reaching those stuck in their enclosures.

I remember dreading what we may go back to, the devastation the fire would leave in its wake. What those who have seen the sanctuary blossom and grow may find.

I remember my heart shattering at false reports of our animals being set loose to fend for themselves, many of which who were far too shy to approach absolute strangers.

I remember the tears of absolute joy that streamed down my cheeks at hearing every single dingo was accounted for and unharmed.

I remember returning to the sanctuary and seeing the damage, seeing the shed where we had been sitting burnt out, seeing the gardens scorched and ruined from fire and heat.

But I also remember the volunteers coming together and supporting one another, I remember the dingoes smiles at seeing us, at being home, in an environment that while changed, was still familiar.

You can have the best Bush fire plan to get out but it can all amount to nothing in seconds. Fire is deadly, it is faster than you think and more dangerous than anything you can imagine.

We had a plan, we were carrying out that plan.
But mother nature had a better, faster plan and won that terrifying race.

Kristy-lea Cregan


Bargo Dingo Sanctuary evacuated in NSW Fires December 2019 | 7NEWS
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Thankfully none of the dingoes were lost or injured in the chaos. We would like to thank everyone for the support we have received since the fire, through donations and others being willing to give their time.

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