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Farewell Baralga

“Farewell Baralga, the elder statesman of Bargo Dingo Sanctuary and volunteer Heather’s beautiful dingo companion for nearly 17 years. We will always love and miss you, our quiet gentleman with the cheeky sense of humour. RIP Baralga 2/6/05-31/3/22💔🐾

Linda Christison

“I may have only spent 6 years with Baralga, who crossed the rainbow bridge today, but in that time I got to see how much of a sweet dingo he was. Baralga was always very cautious when approaching someone new, and would rather watch you from afar if he didn’t much feel like interacting with you.

Baralga loved his walks and enjoyed saying hello to every dingo he would pass. He was the kindest, sweetest furry gentleman.

I still remember the first time I saw him cheekily burying a chicken neck to save for later, he always had a look of stunned silence about him when he realised he’d been caught.

Baralga was an integral part of helping wild born orphan Tarka adjust to life at the sanctuary, his calming presence helped to show her that there was nothing to be afraid of, and he certainly helped her come out of her shell as she grew from a small frightened cub, to a gorgeous young dingo with the world at her feet.

I don’t think it’ll ever get easier to see them go, but knowing how loved and cared for they were, and how happy their life had been brings some clarity to it all.

Rest easy Baralga, you earned your eternal rest”

Kristy-lea Cregan

Gender: Male DOB: 2 June 2005 and sadly passed away 31 March 2022 at the age of 17
Place of Birth: The Australian Dingo Conservation Association Inc.

“Baralga” aboriginal for “native companion”. He was donated to the Sanctuary by Marj and Barry Oakman of the Australian Dingo Conservation Society. He was born at their property on June 2nd, 2005. Happy 14th Birthday Baralga!

His father is “Kuma” and mother is “Ruby”. Baralga originally came to the Dingo Sanctuary to be part of our future breeding program. Baralga has just undergone surgery for testicular cancer and has been given a clean bill of health. He had been paired with our old girl Mirri Mirri who we recently lost to old age. Barlga is quiet and doesn’t simply go to anyone, he responds only after he has your trust. He tends to pick his humans! A young Baralga is pictured with Laya and Heather Christison. Today Barlaga is a lovely calm elderly boy who is living out his days at the Sanctuary.

Mrs. Agi and her 2nd grade class – Loudoun County Public Schools (Ashburn, Virginia, USA)
NSW Education (Campbelltown, NSW)
Jaquie Needham (Garden Suburb, NSW)

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