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A farewell to Wollemi

“Today we said a tearful farewell to Wollemi. He was 16 and stubborn ’til the end. He was always set in his ways and full of life. In the three years I got to know him and spent time with him, he never let his age stop him. He loved his food and was always vocal about it, enjoyed a walk and was stubborn on returning to his yard.

He’s now pain free and back with his brother Wandoo and sister Mirri. He was loved by many, and will be missed. ”

Kristy-lea Cregan

“Wollemi was full of personality and a Bargo Dingo who reflected the dingo’s intriguing mix of curiosity, shyness, determination and strength. He could be sweet but also demand respect just like his sister Mirri who was also farewelled recently. He was born at the Bargo Sanctuary on July 25 2003 and his Mum Ellie and his Father Tarlina were both Bargo dingoes as were his grandparents Birra and Dusty and Wandurra and Chloe. Wolly loved swimming, was known to have removed clothing to get a treat and was skilled at rushing past his enclosure to prolong a walk.

He will be much missed by his human friends.”

Linda Christison

Gender: Male DOB: 25 July 2003 and sadly passed away 19 August 2019 at the age of 16
Place of birth: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo

“Wollemi” aboriginal for “look around you”.

Jaquie Needham (Garden Suburb, NSW)
Lyn Cregan
Linda & Brendon Clear

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