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A great opportunity to learn more about the dingoes.

I heard about the Dingo Sanctuary quite by chance while staying in Tahmoor recently. The Dingo Sanctuary conducts tours by appointment only at 10 am, 12 midday and 2 pm. I ‘phoned the contact number given, and booked myself in. One of the volunteers who works there, Spencer, met me at the gate and conducted the tour. I was delighted to see so many dingoes, and hearing them howl was quite an eerie experience. Spencer and the other volunteers who work at the Dingo Sanctuary are knowledgeable about the dingoes, their needs, and habits. The Dingo Sanctuary also has a very successful breeding program, and provides pups to other zoos.

I also got to handfeed one of the dingoes!

The Dingo Sanctuary is well worth visiting, and supporting.