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Liz & Stu

WOW! A truly beautiful & personal experience! We are local & had never visited Bargo Dingo Sanctuary. So that all changed after finding out my cousins visiting from the UK & wanted to give them a unique experience, that is entirely what they got. You need to book your visit, because it is volunteer run & the gate is locked for obvious reasons. To be personally guided through the Sanctuary & be told stories about each of the dingoes & they are friendly running up to greet you & check you out, some aren’t, but that’s ok, none are threatening to visitors at all, more us to them. Guy you are awesome, & so laid back, it was an amazing experience for us all today, I think we all learnt so much & the photo opportunities for our family & getting to cuddle a dingo (because he didn’t mind that at all) priceless, they all howled knowing one was out & on a leash & we all enjoyed that, including our Dingo friend.

We were so impressed, peaceful & enclosures huge, incredibly clean & so loved & well looked after. I’m just repeating others comments here others made today 🙂

Thanks so much for spending the time with us so close to feeding time, it didn’t go unnoticed how much work the volunteers have to do & the change in the dingoes’ confidence & demeanour when there is a familiar carer & basically loved member of their ‘pack’ around to guide us around when you had to attend to something & we waited a few minutes. Just thought you should know, it didn’t go unnoticed by me with canine behaviour.

We just had the best day. Highly recommended & these guys gave up their Easter Long weekend for people like us & their love of what they do. So thank you Guy & all the volunteers.