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Dingoes in Domesticity

Or, in other words, Dingoes in the human home or family. Let me explain some facts you may not know.

The Dingo is a wild Australian dog. Its characteristics are freedom and survival so although puppies and young Dingoes in particular are incredibly cute and respond well to training, with maturity they become very independent.

At around 14-18 months old, their behaviour, which has not been refined by generations of domesticity (living with humans in the home), can become extreme, particularly at the onset of the breeding season. Dingoes don’t need humans to manage them. They are incredibly agile and excellent climbers. If they manage to escape their yard, and being a natural predator, they tend to rampage other animals (picture your chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and other pets, even larger animals like sheep and goats, left unattended, as their game).

Dingoes also form lifetime attachments and because of this and their territoriality, do not cope well with changes of home and owner. This sensitive breed rarely recovers from fearful experiences or rejection. Handling must be positive at all times, with kindness, firmness and predictable behaviour.

Although Dingoes can be delightful companions in the family environment, commitment to a very high standard of care, and to a degree of basic training, is required. Care is always demanding, requiring specialised handling and treatment.

In our experience, even long-term dog owners underestimate the effort required in rearing a well-socialised, well-behaved, happy Dingo. In fact a number of our Dingoes at the Sanctuary have been surrendered by their owners after realising they either couldn’t contain them, or couldn’t provide them with the attention they need.

This breed requires above average skills in his owners to help him integrate into human and canine society. For this reason, ANDCS does not promote the keeping of Dingoes as pets generally, nor does it sell or give away any of the Dingoes to the general public. Our sanctuary Dingoes go to other Wildlife Parks, Zoos and similarly qualified personnel. No exceptions.

If you are thinking about buying or adopting a Dingo as a pet, we encourage you to see us first and meet the Dingoes we have here at the Sanctuary. Ask as many questions as you like, we’re more than happy to answer them all. If you truly love the breed why not sponsor a Dingo or purchase a membership and simply enjoy interacting with them here.

Meet the Dingoes at the sanctuary

Meet the Dingoes