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Gender: Female DOB: July – August 2019 (at a guess)

“Binda” aboriginal for “Deep Water”. Binda and another female Dingo, Tulang, came from a ‘puppy farm’ situation in which an unscrupulous dog breeder was breeding 30+ dingoes in a house.  In August 2020, the dingoes were seized by the RSPCA,  but sadly some had already passed away before they could be removed from the person’s possession.

After being Vet checked and DNA checked, 2 were chosen by us and to live here.
When Binda first arrived at our Sanctuary, she would race around her yard desperate for a way out. Now she will calmly trot around, staying on the move before slowing to a walk and eventually laying down to keep watch. Binda will never be pressured to interact with us, although she is warming to the volunteers.
Binda had not run on grass or had a free run in a paddock until she came to our Sanctuary. She now lives with Aroona and is doing extremely well.

Julie Jones (Leumeah, NSW)
Jaquie Needham (Garden Suburb, NSW)

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