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All the colours of the dingo: not just a yellow dog

Diane Nazroff UNSW Newsroom | 16 Feb 2021

Animals assumed to be dingo-dog hybrids based on their coat colour and culled may have been pure dingoes, a study involving UNSW finds.

There is no coat colour that distinguishes dingoes from dingo-dog hybrids, a study involving UNSW Sydney has found… read more

A unique Australian Dingo opportunity

The Daily Telegraph | at the Dingo Sanctuary Bargo

A UNIQUE Australian opportunity is waiting in Bargo, giving visitors the chance to cuddle a dingo pup – 3 November 2017… read more

Sandy the dingo wins world’s most interesting genome competition

Deborah Smith | University of New South Wales

A wild-born, pure Australian desert dingo called Sandy Maliki has taken out first place in the World’s Most Interesting Genome competition… read more

Sandy the pure desert dingo takes on the world

Deborah Smith | University of New South Wales

A proposal by a UNSW scientist to study the DNA of a wild-born Australian desert dingo called Sandy has been announced as one of five finalists in the World’s Most Interesting Genome competition… read more

The Culling of Australia’s Dingoes Is Having a Strange Effect on Plant Life

by Jacinta Bowler | 16 December 2016

We all know that animals need plants to survive, but most of us wouldn’t expect the culling of wild dingoes in outback Australia to have an effect on native grass… read more

Australia’s dingoes: Vital yet villainised

Evan Quartermain | Humane Society International 

Since colonisation Australia’s dingoes have been relentlessly persecuted, mostly in the name of protecting farm animals. The archaic and cruel methods used to kill them remain largely unchanged in 200 years… read more

Dingo relative rediscovered in remote highlands of New Guinea

By Kerri Worthington

Scientists have confirmed the existence of an ancient dog species in one of the world’s most remote places … read more

From the Ashes – Wollondilly Sanctuaries Project

Rotary Club of Picton NSW | 4 June 2020

The Rotary Club of Picton is delighted to announce support to the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bargo Dingo Sanctuary of grants totalling $100,000 to assist with bushfire recovery after the fire ripped through the site on the 19th of December 2019 via Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)… read more

The facts about dingo DNA testing – reliability and accuracy

by Kylie Cairns, PhD | Population Geneticist

There are several options to carry out ancestry testing on dingoes in Australia, however, not all tests are accurate and there are several limitations that users should be aware of when considering DNA test results – as pet owners, captive breeding sanctuaries or wildlife managers. Here I answer some common questions about DNA testing technology and the limitations of these methods… read more

Careful using that f-word to describe dingoes, study warns

Lachlan Gilbert | University of New South Wales

A UNSW Sydney study says more evidence is needed before declaring the dingo a feral animal, casting a shadow over state governments’ justification for culling Australia’s largest carnivorous mammal… read more

The Kid Bucket List

Where to See Wild Dingoes in Australia

We had an amazing time at the Sanctuary today. We shared it on our site and social media – Leah Smileski – 8 July 2017… read more

So, You Want to Own a Dingo

by Berenice Walters | Part 3

Many people today still think that owning a dingo is the same as owning any breed of domestic dog. This is just not the case and was a matter that concerned Berenice many years ago… read more

The ‘buffalo lady’ of Burraduc

aleonaswegen, ABC Open contributor | 16 May 2017

Elena Swegen has been advocating for a change of attitude towards predators for many years, having noticed the immense degradation of areas where dingoes have been eliminated and consequently replaced by excessive numbers … read more

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