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If you are thinking about a Dingo as a pet, please visit us first. We get so many enquiries from people asking us to adopt their unwanted Dingo after they discover these animals aren’t the same as domestic dogs. We simply cannot take on the numbers. As a sanctuary for pure Dingoes only, we are limited in numbers and not a general rescue center.

A puppy of any kind is cute. However the Dingo is not a puppy I would recommend. Why? They may look like a domestic dog, similar to a Kelpie cross. However the Dingo is NOT not a domestic dog refined by generations of domesticity.

His characteristics are freedom and survival, a strong social structure, and a lifetime relationship with his kind which can’t be easily changed.

The Dingo is the master of none and do not need us to manage them. Although the Dingo can be a delightful companion, they will wander and get up to a lot of mischief because they exist in a structured group and don’t work well as a lone animal. So unless you have a lot of time and very high fences, I absolutely do not recommend purchasing a Dingo puppy until you visit us first.

For more information on Dingoes in Domesticity, use the below button to visit our article.

Dingoes in Domesticity

Do we breed our dingoes or sell pups to the general public?

Absolutely no.

We no longer breed and have never sold any of our dingoes to the general public. We have in the past had our pups go to zoos, wildlife parks and qualified personnels who understand the specific need of the Dingoes.

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