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Gender: Male DOB: 17 May 2014
Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo

“Cobar” aboriginal for “Burnt Earth”. Cobar is brother to Matong and parents are Kora and Apari. Cobar and Matong were from a litter of 9 pups destined to go to Dreamworld and Australia Zoo. The Sanctuary kept the 2 boys. Cobar has a distinct white patch on the back of his neck and a cheeky expression. The 2 brothers were in an enclosure together for their first year. We managed to get a desexed girl (Gili) from Dreamworld who wasn’t so good with people. She was paired with Cobar.

Cobar is an absolute clown with the volunteers and loves to play a game at the end of feed time when collecting each food dish. As they enter Cobar’s yard, he picks up his empty dish and runs away with it. Volunteers need to catch him first! He then demands a pat and scratch for his good effort. He loves to play chasing games in his enclosure finishing off with a soak in his cool pool. He has won the hearts of many of our volunteers with his playful and cheeky ways.

Hills Dog Club Inc
Richard Sanders (Kingsgrove, NSW)

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