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Gender: Male DOB: 27th July 2014

“Gubbah” aboriginal for “White Man”. Gubbah appeals to our volunteers and visitors due to his unusual white colour. Dingoes come in 3 shades – red, black and white. His mum is Arika, dad is Mungka. Neither are white but carry the ‘White’ gene. Gubbah is sponsored by Kristy-lea who teaches Gubbah and his brother Kinta to climb trees and be naughty. Gubbah loves the camera, Kristy-lea can’t help but take so many photos and videos. He loves to chase his brother, flip his bed as beds aren’t meant to be upright, and later dive into his cool pool.

Ethan Williams (Captains Flat, NSW)
Pat Dunstan
Kristy-lea Cregan

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Sponsorship is $25.00 Australian Dollars per month or $300.00 for a year. We welcome multiple sponsorships.


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