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Gender: Female DOB: July 2017
“Kareela” aboriginal for “South Wind”. Kareela started her life in Canberra as an unwanted ‘gift’. Her new owner did not want a puppy and especially not a dingo puppy. This is a story we hear so many times. Not wanting to hand the beautiful puppy over to the pound or burden another person with the difficult responsibility, the thoughtful owner jumped in her car in November 2017 and without notice, paid Luci a visit at the Sanctuary. When she arrived, Luci was given little choice after Kareela looked up at her with the most beautiful eyes. Luci was smitten and couldn’t resist. Kareela was instantly loved by the volunteers, and has blossomed since coming here.

Kareela has a way of bringing so much entertainment to the volunteers and to our visitors. Her partner is Nooka who she loves. Both are incredibly agile and when they are not playing with visitors, they pass the time here madly chasing each other and stealing each other’s sticks and bark. Kareela comes out for personal encounters and is a delightful and popular choice with the visitors!

We encourage anyone wanting a dingo puppy or thinking of buying someone a dingo puppy to please read our page Thinking about a pet Dingo before making that decision. Not all dingoes are as fortunate as Kareela, most end up in pounds and are sadly euthanised.

Tina Stewart (Berridale, NSW)

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