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Gender: Female DOB: May 2017

Pinchi was 8 weeks old when she arrived at the sanctuary. From the moment she arrived she has been the perfect pup, she is such a delight and provides endless entertainment to the staff and volunteers. She enjoys her cuddles and pats and loves playing with any sticks and bark she manages to find. She is immediately interested in anything that translates to ‘toy’, when the volunteers enter her yard she takes great delight in stealing anything attached or not! She jumps into her cool pool and rolls in the dirt, stands at the gate, and waits for someone unsuspecting to enter before covering them with mud.

Pinchi is partnered with Rangi and together they are the terrible duo. Rangi and Pinchi are great ambassadors for the Sanctuary and love all people and children.

Sundran Rajendra (United Kingdom)
Kylie Honeybrook (Bradbury, NSW)

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