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Gender: Female DOB: 28 July 2018 (at a guess)
Birthplace: Ulladulla

Tarka is one of our newer additions. Not quite planned but such a sweet surprise. Tarka was found in August 2018 wandering on the side of the road near Ulladulla. Her parents and siblings were nearby but dead, baited with 1080 poison. She was the only survivor. She was roughly 4 weeks old and in poor condition being extremely small, undernourished and dehydrated. A young couple spotted her from their car and pulled over. They knew she wouldn’t survive and picked up the tiny puppy and rushed her to a nearby vet hospital. She spent her next few days between the vet hospital and the home of the lovely couple who found her. She would have died if it wasn’t for their quick thinking. Unable to keep her they contacted Luci at the Sanctuary and then drove from their home in Ulladulla to surrender her.

Tarka spent the next few weeks with Luci. She fears humans and is quick to shy away. Tarka found comfort in Luci’s 17 year old Jack Russell Bodie. Bodie and Tarka would play wrestle, Bodie would always be so gentle with Tarka. It’s almost like he knew of her past trauma.

Update November 2018 and Tarka has grown. She is less fearful of people thanks to Luci’s kind hand and the work of the amazing volunteers who adore her. She is passed around from one pair of comforting arms to the next. Her home is now in the puppy yard at the Sanctuary. Graham Taylor met Tarka and she melted his heart. He became her first life-time sponsor.

In time we hope to pair her with Matong.

Peter Corke (West Pennant Hills, NSW)
In memory of Sophie Thompson (North Parramatta, NSW)
Caroline Watkinson (West Pennant Hills, NSW)
Graham Taylor (Mosman, NSW)

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Sponsorship is $25.00 Australian Dollars per month or $300.00 for a year. We welcome multiple sponsorships.


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