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Remembering Cooinda

“Cooindah was the princess and then queen of the Sanctuary. As a young pup she showed initiative, balance and cunning that outclassed all modern breed dogs. It was all we could do to keep up with daily exploits, whilst convincing all who came to show-training that we had something special in our midst.

As a young female she quickly became the Sanctuary mascot. Parading, perhaps even strutting, around the most daunting and complex tasks. The main arena at the Sydney Royal can faze the mostly highly trained and socialized breed dog, but it was literally a walk in the park for Cooinda. Cooindah also held her calm the day she went to the University to engage students, a task that frightened even the pinkest of poodles. She exuded control.

In a test of initiative and cunning, Cooinda was the only dingo to solve the classic scientific puzzle box experiment. No German Shepherd came close and fewer than half the wolves ever tested were able to solve the challenge. She was wild at heart.

Cooinda has now gone to the dreamtime. She watches us, wags her feathered tail and encourages us to do what we can to secure her family – the Australian dingo.

Professor Bill Ballard

Farewell Cooinda

“Farewell Cooinda, gone too soon following your Mum Mirri and Uncle Wollemi over the Rainbow Bridge. You were feisty like your Mum, full of energy, bounce and curiosity. You were a great ambassador for the Sanctuary at many events and will be missed by everyone.”

Linda Christison

Gender: Female DOB: 28 July 2009
Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo

“Cooinda” aboriginal for “A happy place”. Cooinda is the fourth generation pup bred in the sanctuary of this particular line. Her mother is Mirri Mirri and father is Maka, both no longer with us.

Cooinda spends her days tormenting her brother Tyipa. She entertains the volunteers pinching keys and anything loose and running away with her prize. She is also a fabulous hunter and would survive very well if let loose. Cooinda and Tyipa have been to numerous functions; nursing homes, schools, posing for photos and enjoying cuddles and attention. She and her 2 brothers are great ambassadors raising awareness about the Native dog as well as raising much needed funds for our sanctuary.

Luci Ellem (Hill Top, NSW)

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