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Farewell Mirri, you will be missed 

“A sad visit to the Sanctuary with Heather and Bob this morning to be by Mirri’s side as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. A hard morning but full of memories of one of Bargo’s dingo matriarchs who was born at the sanctuary over 16 years ago. Mirri taught Heather and me much about dingo behaviour and was feisty, stubborn and determined and bossed her partners ruthlessly. Mirri loved to swim, was adept at stealing treats, had a big dingo smile and was a wonderful Mum to Tyipa, Cooinda and Gunya.

Farewell Mirri, you will be missed”.

Linda Christison

Mirri Mirri
Gender: Female 25 July 2003 and sadly passed away 18 December 2018
Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo

Mirri died at the sanctuary from natural causes. She was 16. She was the mother to Tyipa, Gunyah & Cooinda.


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