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Gender: Male DOB: 31st July 2013

“Mungka” aboriginal for “thunder”. Mungka and Arika were taken on as unsuitable and unwanted pets by the Dingo Sanctuary. They had been sold as pets from Melbourne and the owners could not keep them contained. It was the sensible thinking of their neighbour who alerted us to the problem dingoes and when we visited the owners, they agreed to surrender them.

Their pups are Jarli and Jarrah. The other siblings have gone to other Wildlife parks and Australia Zoo.

If you are thinking about a Dingo as a pet, please visit us first. We get so many enquiries from people asking us to adopt their unwanted Dingo. I encourage everyone to read this post Thinking about a pet Dingo

Calista Spratt (Ryde, NSW)
Monica Lockley (Austins Ferry, TAS)
Ron Hardaker (Hunters Hill, NSW)
Chloe Gardner (Denham Court, NSW)

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