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Gender: Male DOB: 17th May 2014

“Matong” aboriginal for “Powerful”. Matong’s parents are Kora and Apari. Matong is a beautiful big boy and loved getting the better of his siblings, particularly at meal time. His brother is Cobar and they were together until they were a year old. Matong went with Mirri Mirri after she lost her elderly partner Maka. Our volunteers spent time and work socialising and walking Mirri and Matong, and they ended up living together. As Mirri’s age started getting the better of her and as she slowed, Matong with his endless energy was just too much. So it was decided to separate them.

Matong is quite aloof with strangers, he takes his time earning your trust. He’s a very loving boy to people he knows. When that trust is there he will happily hang around for pats and cuddles.

As Tarka continues to grow and do well, we hope to pair her with Matong. She will test his energy and provide the partner he needs.

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